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Welcome to Troika, a home-away-from-home for lovers of Ukrainian style cabbage rolls.

Each one of our cabbage rolls is handmade in a traditional style before being flash-frozen for your ultimate convenience. Pair them with your homemade signature sauce for a memorable meal that celebrates traditional flavours.

Many of our customers associate cabbage rolls with festivities and celebrations as they were traditionally prepared by parents and grandparents for special occasions. Continue to savour these unforgettable moments with your family and pass the tradition of the cabbage roll down to the next generation.


We are a family-owned food processing facility located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, and we have been supplying quality cabbage rolls to Canadians since 1990. We currently have two retail brands [TROIKA and PASTA TIME] and participate in Canada’s foodservice industry. We are a federally registered facility and follow HACCP food safety programs.


Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

We have been operating for over two decades, so you can believe us when we say that we understand the value of coming together to eat as a family.

Our Products

Beef Cabbage Rolls

Hearty and filling, our Beef Cabbage Rolls will satisfy even the most insatiable hunger. Serve them with a tomato-based sauce to complement their rich flavour

Bacon Cabbage Rolls

Bacon makes everything better, doesn't it? Enjoy a rich and savoury addition to your cabbage roll with our lip-smacking bacon filling.

Onion and Rice Cabbage Rolls

Our hand-picked selection of only the highest quality ingredients is the secret to our delicious Onion and Rice Cabbage Rolls. Dip them in a piquant sauce and experience the cabbage rolls gone gourmet.

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Happy Customers!

"I have been enjoying Troika Cabbage Rolls for years and we love them! Delicious! I do make my own cabbage rolls at home, but they are a lot of work. When I cook for a crowd, I buy Troika. They taste just like homemade and I add what I like to make them “my own”. Anyone who has made cabbage rolls knows that cabbage can sometimes take a little longer to fully cook through. I use a fork to test them and once the fork glides through a middle roll, they are cooked to perfection!"

- Melody