Troika Cabbage Rolls

Our cabbage rolls are made with the finest ingredients; fresh cabbage bursting in flavour and picked at the peak of the season. We make our rolls in a Ukrainian style using traditional methods.


Pasta Time

With no preservatives or artificial colours or flavours, we combine our finest ingredients into a filling which is stuffed into fresh pasta sheets and then folded into whimsical shapes.

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Troika Cabbage Rolls


Pasta Time


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start_qutationI recently bought your rice and bacon cabbage rolls. They are amazing! What a wonderful, quality product, I am so happy to have found them. Thank you!end_quoatation
– Karen

start_qutationI am a consumer and I always buy at Safeway. Your rolls are the best I’ve ever had and I’ve been looking all over for that perfect taste. I always try something new and I always say that you have the best rolls. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that you are based out of Edmonton / Sherwood Park Area as this is where I live. I love it and I’m very proud of you guys for staying in Edmonton, Alberta and keep up the great work.end_quoatation

– Betty McMorrow

About Troika


Troika Foods started out in Edmonton, Alberta over two decades ago. In July 2010, Troika Foods purchased Pasta Time, another Alberta-based business specializing in filled frozen pasta, fresh cut pasta, and assorted sauces. Though the company, people, and products have evolved, we continue to use traditional recipes and techniques in order to create delicious products without any preservatives or additives.

We are an Alberta gem offering a wide array of products. We continue to make cabbage rolls in a Ukrainian style using traditional methods, and we also make a full line of filled pasta offering our retail and food service customers a variety of shapes and fillings to choose from, made with the freshest ingredients.

Wherever possible, we buy local Alberta products and support local businesses including: Alberta farm fresh eggs, over 1000 lbs. of Alberta cabbage a day and our wheat flour and semolina for our pasta comes from Southern Alberta, considered one of the best wheat sources in North America.