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Destination Italy

Hosting an Italian-inspired potluck is a delicious way to bring friends and food together. Include games to get conversation flowing and don’t forget to have someone bring the wine.

Have guests RSVP with the Italian dish they are bringing. Potluck works best when there is a variety of at least four entrees to choose from. Select one or two guests to bring dessert dishes. Select another guest to bring a bottle of wine. Have all guests bring copies of their recipes for a recipe swap.

Sit down together and take your time over the meal. Savor the different foods that have been presented and allow conversation to flow. Don’t forget Italian music for the background!

Make a regular dinner special

Have a formal meal at home (date night anyone?). Dress formal, put out the nice dishes and linen and of course light a few candles. Play romantic music such as Louis Armstrong or Billie Holiday. Pair your pasta with the perfect wine and a rich dessert such as chocolate lava cake.

A Tasty Feast

Make small batches of multiple pastas with different sauces. Have guests taste test the pastas and pick out their favourites. Have fun mixing and matching and keep the evening low key. If you don’t enjoy cooking hire a cook or caterer to do all the heavy lifting. You can also make a game of this by having guest blindfolded and have them guess the ingredients in what they are tasting.

Have an Alphabet or Colour Party

Pick a colour or a letter of the alphabet and base the party on it. For example, if you pick red use a red pasta sauce and have everybody wear red to the party. Dress, decorate and serve food and drinks in the color red. This concept is simple and limited only to your imagination.

Cook-off Night

Bring the action of TV cooking shows such as “Iron Chef” to your own kitchen! Put together a group of ingredients and have your guests invent a dish or meal using all of them. You can divide into teams and grade one another’s efforts.

If your kitchen is too cramped to pull off an on-the-spot competition, have a potluck-style challenge with your guests. About 48 hours before the party, notify everyone of the secret ingredient that he or she should incorporate into a dish. That will give guests time to whip something up in the comfort of their own kitchens for bringing to the party. The results may turn out to be culinary genius!

Patio Party

Have a meal outside and welcome summer with your family or closest friends – make cool dishes such as pasta salad and enjoy fresh fruits and herbs in your chosen meal. Making lemonade or ice pops to compliment the meal will also add to the summer fun.

Put a blanket on the grass, put some sunscreen on and enjoy the meal and the sun.

Movie Night

Theme your dinner with a movie to complement the meal. Pasta pairs well with an Italian classic such as La Dolce Vita or an Italian themed movie such as Under the Tuscan Sun or Letters to Juliet. This works for multiple audiences and multiple meals and can be a lot of fun. You are only limited by your imagination!

About Troika


Troika Foods started out in Edmonton, Alberta over two decades ago. In July 2010, Troika Foods purchased Pasta Time, another Alberta-based business specializing in filled frozen pasta, fresh cut pasta, and assorted sauces. Though the company, people, and products have evolved, we continue to use traditional recipes and techniques in order to create delicious products without any preservatives or additives.

We are an Alberta gem offering a wide array of products. We continue to make cabbage rolls in a Ukrainian style using traditional methods, and we also make a full line of filled pasta offering our retail and food service customers a variety of shapes and fillings to choose from, made with the freshest ingredients.

Wherever possible, we buy local Alberta products and support local businesses including: Alberta farm fresh eggs, over 1000 lbs. of Alberta cabbage a day and our wheat flour and semolina for our pasta comes from Southern Alberta, considered one of the best wheat sources in North America.